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Studio Policies 

612-767-5317(land line) 

Makeup lessons and absences 

Please note: Comments in italics are taken from MacPhail’s official policies, and can be found on our website under ‘policies.’ 

Student Cancellations 

As a courtesy, please call or email your instructor in advance of any absence or leave a message with the Student Services Center at 612-321-0100. Prior notification does not exempt students from payment. Students are charged for all the lessons for which they register, including those missed through student absence.   

I am reserving my time for you on a weekly basis, but I understand that emergent and special events will arise.  I wish to be as accommodating as possible to changes in your schedules, but I am not always able to do so.  Most frequently, the available times in my schedule come from student cancellations.  When I know in advance that someone will miss a lesson, I am able to offer their lesson time to another student who needs it. (Please note that a makeup lesson may be scheduled in advance of a scheduled absence.)  Even with 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation, I cannot ensure a makeup lesson, and payment for the scheduled lessons will still be required.  It is always my hope that a makeup lesson will be able to be scheduled, but this is not always possible.                       

Teacher Cancellations 

In the event the instructor cancels a lesson, a makeup lesson will be offered at a mutually convenient time.  

If I am ill, I will make every effort to reach you by email and/or phone.  Please check with me if you believe I may have outdated contact information. 

As a free-lance artist I may require occasional modifications to my schedule.  I will communicate with you as soon as possible if I am unable to fulfill a lesson arrangement, and will work to find a makeup time.  My opera rehearsal and performance schedule has been set for the year, and I have already included those dates on my calendar.  (Because I know these dates in advance, you have not been billed for them.) 

Religious Holidays 

With at least one week’s notice to the teacher, a regularly scheduled lesson that is missed because of a religious holiday will be rescheduled. This policy does not apply to classes and ensembles. 

Please let me know about religious holidays as far in advance as possible. 

Make-up Lessons for Online students: 

In the rare case that MacPhail’s server or hardware fails, preventing video calling for more than 20 percent of the scheduled lesson, the lesson will be made up by the MacPhail instructor at a later date with no additional cost to the student! Unfortunately, due to the nature of our lesson schedules, if the technical issue is generated from the student side, the lesson will not be able to be made up. 

It is always my hope that a makeup lesson will be able to be scheduled, but this is not always possible. 

Emergency School Closings 

The decision to close MacPhail due to weather is determined by safety conditions and is based on state advisories. MacPhail does not guarantee make up lessons or classes for dates closed due to an emergency. MacPhail is committed to remaining open whenever possible. To check for a closing, call 612-321-0100 for a recorded message or check MacPhail’s website.  

It is always my hope that a makeup lesson will be able to be scheduled, but this is not always possible. 



Updated:  August 2015